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Portfolio Conversion Tool

Bank mergers mean a lot of work for internal operations teams with one of the biggest jobs falling to the loan servicing data conversion process. Bringing together so much information from separate systems is hard enough, but when the process for managing them is nearly two decades old, it can be one big headache for executives and teams alike.

For the past 18 years the banking industry process for data conversions has changed very little. Institutions of all sizes are still throwing people and time at the problem in order to achieve speed and accuracy above all else. But the right people are getting harder to find these days and the same old tools (typically an Excel spreadsheet) just don’t scale.

Genuity Banking Technology group is fixing this. With years of experience in data conversions, our staff has completed hundreds of conversion projects representing millions of consumer loans. We applied that knowledge in the development of our innovative Portfolio Conversion Tool (PCT) and banking may never be the same. Certainly our customers are happy with all the time we’ve saved them allowing their internal staff resources to focus on other priorities.

Big efficiencies? Of course.

Bigger relief for banks?  Definitely!


How it works?

Case Study


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